MARS features

Complete solution designed to fit the needs of tour operators, travel i DMC agencies and other tourism professionals.

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Product management

Enter product information, description, amenities, GPS location, photo gallery, unit details, cancellation policy

Self administration of SEO data (Meta Title, Description, Keywords)

Detailed descriptions of sights, beaches, national parks, ski resorts and the like.

Product management

Pricing and inventory management

Simple and fast overview of product availability in real time

Different types of availability (Allotment, Inquiry, Fix, Stop sale)

Enter availability per unit or facility

Detailed availability report

Price lists for all types of products

Possibility to enter all types of discounts, promotions, surcharges, fees (per unit or facility)

Possibility to copy the price list for several objects at once

Automatic adjustment of Saturdays when copying the price list for the next year

Different price lists depending on sales channels and partners

Inventory & Pricing

Back office

Predefined documents in the system translated into all relevant world languages

Request, Offer, Payment request, Payment reminder, Booking confirmation, Travel contract, Payment received, Supplier announcement, Voucher, Pre-stay letter, Rooming lists

Send documents from the system with one click

Automatic sending of documents

Easily search and update reservations

Multiple reservation status with regard to business processes (Active, Canceled, Offer, Request, Processing, Reservation)

Multiple types of notes on the reservation and documents (Internal notes, notes for customers, notes for suppliers)

Tracking and automatic payment entry

Entering and tracking payments to suppliers

Automatic joint SEPA orders

Defining different payment models

Preparation of all types of invoices (advance invoices, regular invoices, invoices under the special taxation procedure, invoices with calculation for renters)

Creating payment links, QR code, 2D barcode


Daily insight into sales results using DASHBOARD

Detailed report of reservations and invoices (Booking status, Financial report)

Ability to export Reservations, invoices, reports to Excel

Possibility to import reservations, price lists via Excel

Monitoring profitability by employee, department, branch, partner, package, project or sales channel

Fully responsive mobile optimized backoffice tool


Online booking engine

Intuitive booking process, desktop and mobile coverage

Advanced search engine with advanced search filters

Easy management of online offers directly from the MARS system

Tagging and displaying different categories of offers

Automatic highlighting of promotions and discounts on the website from the price list

Interactive object map display and booking

Automatic sending of reservations and payments to the MARS system

Automatic sending of documents to customers

Using different Payment Gateways

Export customer contacts for use with email marketing systems such as MailChimp, iContact, and Vertical Response.

Full integration with Google Analytics or other third-party analytics packages

Product sharing capability across popular social media networks

Booking engine

Packages & Tours

Fast and intuitive Calculation

Automatic creation and sending of offers

Automatic creation and sending of itineraries

Monitoring and recapitulation of sales per package

Cost management of each tour or package

Final calculation of tours / packages with one click

Automatic creation of price lists for package online sales from the calculation

Packages & Tours

Channel manager

Free connection to all relevant world booking portals

Management of the entire offer in one place

Synchronization of price lists, availability and reservations in real time

Automatic e-mail notification each time you make or change a reservation

Ability to sync calendars via iCal

Channel manager

MARS B2B module

Partner / Agent reservation creation and access to all its offers

Possibility of different margins and commissions depending on the agent or partner

Quick and easy allocation of actions and benefits

Simple and accurate monitoring of partners and agents turnover and profitability

MARS supplier module

Suppliers can View and access all of their bookings

Suppliers can enter and update availability for their facilities and units

Connectivity API

Connecting to accounting systems

Connecting with suppliers

Connect to Document systems

Connecting to E-invoice

Our partners successfully
operate with MARS platform

Behind NeoLab proudly stands 15 years of experience in tourism. Our clients guarantee the best user experience with our dedicated support team. We treat each client personally and fulfill even the most demanding tasks. We are aware of the fact that good support is a necessary segment for your business growth.

  • "We made a decision to modernize our online platform and switch to a new booking system - new reservation system. We finally found an adequate solution for tour operator software that would meet our needs.

    We are extremely pleased to have found the NeoLab team and their reservation system MARS. We accelerated all business processes and integrated all necessary online services in one software package. The support and level of service offered by the NeoLab team is superb - for every recommendation."

    - Nenad Tomić, CEO at Olympic Travel
  • "The collaboration with the NeoLab team has been very professional from the very beginning. We are completely satisfied with the quality of their solutions, the MARS reservation system and the business support provided. We have successfully modernized and improved our business using modern online ecommerce solutions.

    We have covered all our needs from hotel business, private accommodation, travel to transfers and air travel. In short, the MARS system fully meets the needs of tour operators such as our agency."

    - Mirjana, CEO at Atlantis travel
  • "For a long time we have been looking for a quality IT solution dedicated to our booking operations and we quickly realized that NeoLab has the right solution for our needs. Since the beginning of the use of the MARS reservation system, we have modernized almost all business segments and introduced direct online sales of our services.
    As one of the leading agencies specializing in cruises along the Croatian coast, it was important for us to start working with a professional team with many years of experience in tourism, which greatly facilitated the achievement of our goals. We are very pleased with the quality and support of the entire NeoLab team. "

    - Roman, CEO at Zantium travel
  • "The decision to start a business was followed by a decision on which system to use for our wide range of services. As a tour operator, we had to have all the advanced capabilities of modern software and automate all our work processes to the maximum. In that we found a quality partner and a top software solution. We were able to automate all processes from scanning and automatic entry of incoming invoices to merging with our bookkeeping program.

    We rounded off the business by creating online sales that met even our most advanced requirements. Really all praise for the NeoLab team."

    - Dalibor, CEO at Btravel
  • "Together with NeoLab, we managed to achieve our goal - to modernize our online platform for booking villas.

    The goals set on our part were very high and NeoLab proved to be one of the best partners in the realization of the project.

    We were extremely satisfied with the level of expertise, the quality of the complete reservation system, the support and the speed of the final product.
    NeoLab team is definitely for every recommendation!"

    - Toni, CEO at Villsy
  • "We are very satisfied with the MARS ERP reservation system and the quality of support we receive for all our needs.

    Using the MARS system, we monitor our complete business, we have automated most of the actions that we previously had to do manually. Tracking of reservations, payments, withdrawals, availability status, price lists and invoices is very intuitive in the MARS system.

    We have been looking for a tool that would suit us and cover all our needs, so we are happy to recommend MARS to other users."

    - Silvia, CEO at Istriasun
  • "We needed a reliable partner do deliver a speciffic software solution for our touris agency operations. Our primary goal was to improve all our agency operations, redesign our eCommerce web site and imporve our online sales. With NeoLab we successfully replaced our old solution, NeoLab improved and automated our agency workflow. NeoLab has successfully implemented regulatory changes on the Serbian market. MARS reservation system is exactly the reservation system we were looking for and NeoLab is the right partner for our needs.

    Many thanks to them for all the effort, support and quality they provide us - for every praise."

    -Srđan Stojanović, CEO
  • "Our online sales used the old e-commerce solution and we could no longer rely on it (partial solution), so we started looking for a better software solution - the best possible tool for online travel agency.
    With the transition, we automated all our internal processes, improved and modernized our online business.
    MARS reservation system for tourist agencies proved to be a great solution for our case.

    We are grateful to the NeoLab team for their work and support."

    -Alojz Pavlović, CEO
  • "After a short search for a software system and channel manager that would meet our needs, we are very satisfied with the NeoLab team and its solutions.
    We successfully improved and automated our operations, introduced online payment and generally improved all segments that were important to us.

    We are grateful to the NeoLab team for their help and support."

    -Igor Macan, CEO
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  • "We couldn't be happier with the website NeoLab created for our boat charter business. Their professionalism and attention to detail were exceptional. They understood the unique challenges of the charter industry and built a website that perfectly addresses them. The site is incredibly fast, SEO-optimized, and designed with a mobile-first approach – crucial for attracting customers on the go.

    Their MARS ERP system has been a game-changer, providing a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates everything from accounting to client management. We're super satisfied with NeoLab and their MARS ERP – it's a one-stop shop for streamlining all our agency workflows! "

    -Ivan Sršen, Yachtaris
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