Pricing and inventory management

Track product availability in real time to avoid over and under-booking. MARS makes it easier to apply different pricing and availability strategies depending on the sales channel.

Fast overview of availability

Simple and fast overview of product availability in real time prevents the possibility of overbooking. It reduces human error and time necessary to keep all your calendars up to date.

Different types of availability are represented with different colors making it easy to check availability fast at a glance.

Availability report lets you control your priority products and helps you create new strategies to fill in the gaps.

  • Simple and fast overview of product availability in real time

  • Reduction of over and under-booking

  • Different types of availability

Pricing strategies

Easily create multiple price lists for the same product or service with updated prices to make custom strategies for different channels, markets and partners.

Multi-currency price lists ensure accessibility for all your clients from different markets, partners and target audience.

Add supplements, discounts and extra fees. Manage price list with ease.

Transitioning from Excel

Automation means that your every day tasks become easier and you reduce repetitive work. You can easily import price lists from a template Excel sheet to MARS system.

Advanced copy and update prices

Updating and creating new price list with a blink of an eye.

If you need to update multiple price list at a time you can easily do so with just a few adjustments. You can change margins to multiple price lists at the same time.

You can copy multiple price lists from one year to another with automatic date correction creating new price list for the upcoming year.

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