Packages & Tours

Coordination, control, invoicing and review. The MARS software solution supports the entire sales and post-sales process for packages and tours.


Coordination, control, invoicing and review of packages and tours is automated and simple.

Creating price calculation is fast and intuitive, and there is the possibility of copying and editing the calculation, which allows you to quickly enter series or tours with different departures.

From the calculation, an offer can be sent with one click.

  • Creating price quotation fast and easy with intuitive workflow

  • Automatically create and send offers

  • Tour / package final calculation

  • Automatic VAT calculation and closing of advance payments

Documents and itinerary

All documents needed for your tour or package are automatically created and stored. With our reservation management you can easily control, edit and manage your reservations.

Itinerary is created with one click. Already entered data is used to create itineraries that can be easily edited with photos and additional descriptions. Besides general data it is possible to pre-enter details for any type of services you want to show in the itinerary and use it for different tours, like meal descriptions, meeting points, contact numbers etc.

  • Reservation management

  • Automatically send inquiries and announcements to suppliers

  • Automatic creation and sending of itineraries

  • Add custom notes and upload photos to itineraries

  • Tour / package final calculation with one click

Sales overview

Continuously monitor sales and profitability of each tour or package.

With recapitulation you can monitor the break even point of profitability.

Control the real state of bookings with just one click. Check the costs and outputs by departure at any moment.

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