Channel manager

Manage all of your listings from on place. MARS channel manager offers you free connection with all relevant world booking portals.

Sell your product on the right channels to maximize profit.

Automatic sending of offers, prices, availability and reservations.

Real time synchronization to avoid overbooking.

Multiple Booking Portals One Click Away

Grow your sales and distribute your offer with ease using our Free channel manager.

Selling your products on the right channels is crucial for reaching your target audience. You can sell products on multiple booking portals with just one click.
Manage all offers, prices, availability and reservations within a single system.
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Sync in real time and avoid overbooking

You're selling while you're sleeping.

The MARS system automatically sends and receives listing details, prices, availability and reservations.

Make your changes once and we'll update and sync all your booking portals in real time. Avoid overbooking with all major booking sites.

iCal calendar synchronization

Syncronize all calendars from multiple channels.

For all channels that are not part of the MARS channel manager, there is the possibility of iCal calendar synchronization.

Automate your sales process, sell 24/7 and avoid overbooking.

Channel performances

Check profitability of your selling channels with dedicated reports.

You can easily connect with multiple channels and self manage your offer. Choose the channel that best fits your goals and reaches your target audiance. Get the most out of your connections and analyze the outcome.

The best part? It's completely free!

All our customers can take advantage of our channel manager completely free as part of our MARS reservation system.

No additional fees required for multiple channels management.

The best part? It's free!

All our customers can take advantage of our channel manager completely free.

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