Product management

Manage all your tourism products in one place. Increase the value of your offer and create an attractive tourist product for your guests.

MARS products

Our reservation system is designed to manage accommodation, charters, rent-a-car, transfers, guides, activities, tickets, flights and other related products and services.

Rent a car

Product management made easy

Easily add product information, descriptions, photo gallery, amenities, unit details, prices, cancellation policies etc.

Depending on the product you're selling you can define a variety of amenities that provide comfort, convenience and pleasure to your clients. With multilingual descriptions you can better reach your desired audience and create your custom translations.

Give your clients the best information and facilitate decision making, booking process and overall experience.

Sell your custom travel experiences

Describe in detail the nearby sights, beaches, national parks, ski resorts and the like. Present the destination, increase the value of your offer and create an attractive tourist product for your guests.

For example, if you're selling skiing products, you can enter all relevant information for Ski resorts and link it to all available products like accomodation, ski passes, ski schools, etc.

Link your products by location and increase your sales by offering additional products and activities nearby. Combine different products and easily create packages and sell your custom travel experiences.

Travel itineraries

Plan tours and excursions with itineraries.

Whether it's a one day trip or a multiple days tour you can create a visually pleasing itinerary. Upload photos, add custom notes or copy existing itineraries for a quick insertion.

Showcase trip itineraries on your website or send them automatically to your clients. Give the best experience with a well organized itinerary module.

  • Upload photos

  • Add custom notes

  • Automatically send to clients

  • Copy and edit existing itineraries

MARS System

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