Suppliers & Agents

Margins, commisions, realization and profitability of subagents. Increase your turnover through your B2B channels and partners.

Suppliers & Agents portal

You can accurately monitor partners turnover and profitability.

Agents and suppliers can get their login into MARS system to share price lists and availability modules. You can quickly and easily determine different pricing strategies according to your partners and monitor the turnover and profit per partner through detailed reports.

  • Different margins and commissions depending on the partner

  • Multi-language system for foreign partners

  • Real time special offers on multiple channels with one click

  • Partners can access offers and prices anywhere and anytime

  • Simple and accurate monitoring of partners turnover and profitability

Pricing strategies

Easily create multiple price lists for the same product or service with updated prices to make custom strategies for different channels, markets and partners.

Multi-currency price lists ensure accessibility for all your clients from different markets, partners and target audience.

Add supplements, discounts and extra fees. Manage price list with ease.

Transitioning from Excel

Automation means that your every day tasks become easier and you reduce repetitive work. You can easily import price lists from a template Excel sheet to MARS system.

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