MARS DMC agencies software and ERP solution

MARS travel platform is a complete ERP DMC software solution for incoming travel agencies that allows easy management of complex processes in working with tours, packages, FITs and groups.

Tourist agencies

Manage in one place

Every travel company has different needs and internal procedures. MARS software solution allows every travel agency centralized online monitoring of its business. MARS system allows you to manage all business processes in one place.

Tours and packages

All processes are maximally automated and connected, there are no double data entries and they enable a quick response to inquiries due to the simple creation of quotes, offers and itineraries with one click.

All tourism services

MARS consists of various modules that cover all types of travel services and allows complete management and monitoring of your business from the supply and sales process to post-sales, payments, invoicing and reporting.

Product management

Manage product images, descriptions, locations, contacts, availability, and pricing in one place and one app.

Reduce the time it takes for your product to be available on the market. Quickly and easily add information, images and descriptions for all types of tourism products in multiple languages. Describe in detail the nearby sights, beaches, national parks, ski resorts and the like. Present the destination, increase the value of your offer and create an attractive tourist product for your guests.

With various modules in MARS you can manage all your tourism products and control all types of reservations, invoices and reports in one place and one application.

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Inventory and Pricing

Track product availability in real time to avoid over and under-booking. MARS makes it easier to apply different pricing and availability strategies depending on the sales channel.

  • Simple and fast overview of product availability in real time

  • Reduction of over and under-booking

  • Effective pricing and inventory strategy for different channels, markets and partners

  • Multi-currency price lists

  • Different types of availability

  • Copying price lists and changing margins to multiple price lists at the same time

  • Copying multiple price lists from one year to another with automatic date correction

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Inventory and Pricing

Packages and Tours

The MARS software solution supports the entire sales and post-sales process for packages and tours.

Creating price calculation is fast and intuitive, and there is the possibility of copying and editing the calculation, which allows you to quickly enter series or tours with different departures. From the calculation, an offer can be sent with one click, and the already entered data is used to create itineraries that can be easily edited with pictures and additional descriptions. It is possible to continuously monitor sales and profitability of each tour or package.

Coordination, control, invoicing and review of packages and tours is automated and simple.

Packages and Tours
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Increase your turnover through your B2B channels and partners. With our B2B module your partners can quickly and easily access the prices and availability of all your services along with images and all the details related to your offer.

You can quickly and easily determine different pricing strategies according to your partners and monitor the turnover and profit per partner through detailed reports.

  • Different margins and commissions depending on the partner

  • Multi-language system for foreign partners

  • Real time special offers on multiple channels with one click

  • Partners can access offers and prices anywhere and anytime

  • Simple and accurate monitoring of partners turnover and profitability

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Reservation and Document Management

MARS software solution increases your sales operations efficiency through the ability to streamline the process for responding to pre-booking inquiries and pre-departure communication with customers and suppliers.

Once you have set the rules for sending email confirmations, announcements and reminders, they will be sent automatically.

Reduce human error, increase productivity, avoid repetitive procedures and automate your daily tasks with our document system.

Automation of sales and operational processes means that communication with guests and suppliers is faster and more accurate which enables employees to concentrate on sales activities and company can do more business with the same staff.

Reservation and Document Management
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The Finance module has been developed in such a way that all post-sales activities can be done quickly, automatically, accurately and in a controlled manner so that your employees can focus on sales.

Create appropriate advance payments or final invoices quickly and easily. We enable connection with accounting software to avoid repetitive document entry and reduce accounting errors.

Automated import of payments allows you to quickly and easily connect payments with reservations and track the payment before the arrival of the guest.

Planning and forming payments to suppliers and creating group or individual SEPA transfers allows you to pay suppliers on time and monitor liabilities.


Analyze your business with our reports and make smart business decisions. See your reservations at a glance or download detailed reports to track your trends over time.

Detailed sales and profitability reports allow you to find critical points, bottlenecks and increase productivity.

Reports will help you track and control profitability of complex tourism products as all costs can be easily linked to a specific tour, group or package to measure their exact profit.

It is also possible to monitor profitability by employee, department, branch, partner or sales channel.

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